Easy Landscaping Tips For Homeowners

Easy Landscaping Tips For Homeowners

Simple Ways To Add Appeal To Your Outdoors

A front or back yard upgrade doesn't have to be expensive. Applying these DIY ideas can add curb appeal to your home with little to no money spent.

• Clean and mow the edges of your lawn with a yard edger. This little touch gives a cleaner look and shows off footpaths and actual curbs.

• Add a few easy-to-maintain florals, like Hydrangeas and Black-Eyed Susans, to elevate curb appeal. A few pops of color is a simple way to improve your yard's appearance.

• A stone pathway is easy to create and is an attractive addition to your yard. Find a DIY kit at a craft store to make it a fun afternoon family activity.

• Update planters for a fresh, designer look—discount and secondhand stores are great places to find inexpensive sets.

• Your AC unit can be an eyesore, so consider using a cover to create a tidy, less industrial-looking backyard. Visit your local hardware store to discover their variety of covers, ranging from canvas to decorative panels.

• A water feature is beautiful but can get expensive to install and maintain. Consider, instead, using pebbles and river rocks to create a dry "water bed." You'll have the same flowy feel that water provides without the expense.

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