What do you look for in an ideal neighborhood?

What do you look for in an ideal neighborhood?

Looking for the perfect place to call your own? You’ve got this! Researching the home and neighborhood you’re thinking of moving into is essential so that it feels like an ideal fit. But where do you start when looking at potential neighborhoods?

Here are the top 10 things we recommend you pay special attention to during your research:

1. Safety

2. Parks & Recreation

3. Schools

4. Walkability 

5. Essential Shopping

6. Commute Time

7. Healthcare

8. Dining & Nightlife

9. Community & Cultural Events

10. Current Value of Housing

Get creative with how much information you can gather beforehand - as they say, “knowledge is power," right?! So stay informed and remember to work with a local mortgage professional to get even more insight into the local home financing options.

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