Rank From Most to Least Important: Location, Size, Design

What's more important when buying a home: location, size, or design.

The size of a home is more important if...

1. You plan to start or grow your family.

2. You already have a large family.

3. You need space for house guests.

4. You're downsizing your living space.

5. You need space to dedicate to a home office or work room.

The location is more important if...

1. You want a better work commute.

2. You have school-age children.

3. You need access to certain amenities.

4. You plan to sell the home eventually.

5. You plan to rent the home.

The design is more important if...

1. You don't have the budget to remodel.

2. You prefer a move-in ready home that already suits your style.

3. The home has desired features that would be expensive to replicate on another home. 

4. You want to avoid the stress and time investment it takes to remodel a home.

5. You desire a particular style that's difficult to find in most homes.



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